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Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the Benelux Weather Network


temperature [ C° ] humidity [ % ] wind [ km/h ] rain [ mm ] barometer [ hPa ] baro trend

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Conditions data shown was collected from Tue, 21 Nov 2017 10:54:36 +0100 to Tue, 21 Nov 2017 11:15:36 +0100

Current weather conditions at the weather stations

Note: Click on the table column title to change the order of that column's values.

Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend Last
Belgium Antwerpen-Ekeren-12.3 C11.1 C92%13 kmh sswSSW72.4 mm1013.1 hPasteady11:14:54
Belgium Beerse Offline
Belgium Comines-Warneton HainautMetar LFQQ: Overcast Overcast12.3 C13.0 C98%14 kmh swSW213.7 mm1013.0 hPasteady11:14:22
Belgium Duffel Offline
Belgium Heist aan ZeeMetar EBOS: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy13.3 C12.1 C92%9 kmh sswSSW131.3 mm1012.3 hPasteady11:15:04
Belgium Heuseux-9.2 C8.7 C97%8 kmh wswWSW131.4 mm1013.9 hPasteady11:15:02
Belgium IzegemMetar LFQQ: Overcast Overcast11.9 C10.8 C93%13 kmh wswWSW143.0 mm1013.5 hPasteady11:15:02
Belgium Lanklaarcloudycloudy10.7 C10.7 C100%1 kmh sseSSE01.4 mm1013.3 hPasteady11:14:56
Belgium LembekeMetar EBOS: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy12.6 C11.5 C93%14 kmh sS311.8 mm1012.8 hPasteady11:15:03
Belgium Lincent-10.3 C9.7 C96%8 kmh sswSSW30.0 mm1013.3 hParising rapidly11:15:03
Belgium LobbesRain2Rain28.6 C8.5 C99%9 kmh wswWSW61.2 mm1014.6 hPasteady11:14:55
Belgium MaaseikMetar EBBL: light Drizzle light Drizzle10.5 C9.4 C93%14 kmh eseESE81.1 mm1012.7 hPasteady11:15:03
Belgium Malleovercastovercast11.6 C11.5 C99%2 kmh nnwNNW57.6 mm1012.6 hPasteady11:15:03
Belgium Moerzeke-11.2 C10.9 C98%8 kmh wswWSW243.8 mm1013.4 hParising slowly11:11:16
Belgium Overijse Offline
Belgium RansbergMetar EBDT: Mist Mist10.8 C9.7 C93%24 kmh swSW1.0 mm1013.8 hPasteady11:00:41
Belgium TollembeekMetar EBBR: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy10.1 C9.5 C96%14 kmh sswSSW5.2 mm1015.2 hParising slowly11:10:21
Belgium Vorselaar Offline
Belgium VossemMetar EBBR: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy10.3 C9.2 C93%5 kmh wswWSW142.4 mm1013.3 hPasteady11:15:07
Belgium Wilsele-HerentMetar EBBR: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy10.9 C10.6 C98%11 kmh seSE271.2 mm1015.3 hPasteady11:15:07
Belgium WingeneMetar EBOS: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy11.7 C10.4 C92%31 kmh wswWSW1.4 mm1012.1 hParising slowly11:13:45
Belgium ZonnebekeMetar LFQQ: Overcast Overcast11.5 C10.4 C93%10 kmh swSW161.6 mm1011.9 hPasteady11:15:07
Netherlands 's-GravenzandeMetar EHLW: Drizzle Drizzle12.2 C11.5 C96%15 kmh wW322.6 mm1010.8 hPasteady11:10:47
Netherlands 't Zandt-10.3 C9.5 C95%4 kmh swSW111.2 mm1007.7 hPasteady11:14:47
294 270 Offline
Netherlands Aalten Offline
Netherlands AfferdenMetar EDLV: light Drizzle light Drizzle11.7 C11.4 C98%3 kmh wswWSW102.8 mm1008.8 hPasteady11:15:10
Netherlands Alkmaarcloudycloudy11.8 C11.5 C98%9 kmh swSW30.0 mm1009.0 hPasteady11:14:14
Netherlands Almere-Buitenpartly cloudypartly cloudy12.4 C11.9 C97%8 kmh wswWSW111.2 mm1009.1 hPasteady11:14:37
Netherlands Almere-Stad Offline
Netherlands Almkerkovercastovercast11.6 C10.8 C95%12 kmh swSW113.7 mm1013.6 hPasteady11:15:06
Netherlands Alphen a/d Rijn Offline
Netherlands Amsterdamovercastovercast11.8 C9.9 C90%9 kmh wW173.2 mm1009.5 hPasteady11:15:05
Netherlands Apeldoorn-Oost-11.4 C10.9 C97%2 kmh swSW61.2 mm1010.6 hParising rapidly11:10:00
Netherlands Apeldoorn-Zuidwest Offline
Netherlands AppelschaRain2Rain210.6 C10.4 C99%4 kmh wswWSW31.4 mm1009.4 hPasteady11:15:12
Netherlands Assenpartly cloudypartly cloudy10.7 C10.2 C97%4 kmh swSW30.6 mm1009.5 hPasteady11:15:13
Netherlands Boxtel-11.8 C11.5 C98%1 kmh seSE15.0 mm1009.3 hPasteady11:15:14
Netherlands Bredapartly cloudypartly cloudy11.9 C11.7 C99%5 kmh wnwWNW34.1 mm1011.2 hPasteady11:14:36
Netherlands Bunde Offline
Netherlands Capelle a/d IJsselMetar EHRD: Mist Mist12.3 C11.7 C96%13 kmh wswWSW2.6 mm1011.0 hPasteady11:10:35
Netherlands DamwoudeMetar EHLW: Drizzle Drizzle10.8 C10.6 C99%6 kmh swSW130.6 mm1007.7 hPasteady11:15:08
Netherlands Dongjumpartly cloudypartly cloudy10.3 C10.0 C98%7 kmh swSW101.2 mm1008.0 hPasteady11:06:10
Netherlands Doornenburg-12.4 C11.5 C94%3 kmh wswWSW82.4 mm1009.8 hPasteady11:15:18
Netherlands Driehuisrainrain0.0 C0.0 C0%2 kmh wswWSW22.0 mm1009.0 hPasteady11:14:07
Netherlands EeMetar EHLW: Drizzle Drizzle10.7 C10.4 C98%6 kmh sswSSW121.0 mm1007.5 hPasteady11:15:27
Netherlands Egmond aan Zee Offline
Netherlands EmmeloordShowers2Showers210.2 C9.7 C97%0 kmh wswWSW02.8 mm1008.9 hPasteady11:14:01
Netherlands Emmenovercastovercast10.6 C10.5 C99%5 kmh wW51.4 mm1009.2 hPasteady11:15:08
Netherlands ErmeloMetar EHAM: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy11.6 C11.3 C98%6 kmh wswWSW141.0 mm1010.0 hPasteady11:15:16
Netherlands Gasselternijveenschemond-11.1 C11.0 C99%1 kmh nwNW60.6 mm1005.1 hPasteady11:14:51
Netherlands GeleenMetar EHBK: Overcast Overcast10.4 C9.8 C96%11 kmh seSE191.5 mm1010.7 hPasteady11:15:19
Netherlands Genderen-11.7 C11.4 C98%10 kmh wswWSW182.2 mm1010.5 hPasteady11:14:57
Netherlands Giethoornpartly cloudypartly cloudy10.1 C10.1 C100%3 kmh wswWSW34.6 mm1009.7 hPasteady11:15:02
Netherlands Gouda-BloemendaalMetar EHRD: Mist Mist12.4 C12.2 C99%8 kmh wswWSW1.2 mm1010.3 hPasteady11:10:41
Netherlands Gravepartly cloudypartly cloudy12.0 C10.9 C93%10 kmh wswWSW124.3 mm1013.0 hPasteady11:14:36
Netherlands Hardenberg Offline
Netherlands Heemskerk-BeijerlustMetar EHAM: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy12.3 C11.7 C96%20 kmh swSW261.2 mm1009.0 hPasteady11:15:18
Netherlands HeinenoordMetar EHRD: Mist Mist11.6 C11.1 C97%8 kmh wswWSW1.8 mm1011.2 hPasteady11:10:19
Netherlands Helmondpartly cloudypartly cloudy11.4 C11.1 C98%3 kmh wW13.0 mm1010.8 hPasteady11:14:01
Netherlands Hengelo-Gelderland Offline
Netherlands Hoogeveen-11.2 C10.7 C97%5 kmh swSW81.4 mm1009.4 hPasteady11:15:18
Netherlands IJsselsteinovercastovercast12.0 C10.9 C93%9 kmh wswWSW91.4 mm1009.3 hPasteady11:15:20
Netherlands JulianadorpMetar EHKD: light Rain light Rain11.2 C10.3 C94%0 kmh sswSSW07.0 mm1008.6 hPasteady11:05:20
Netherlands Kerkradepartly cloudypartly cloudy10.0 C9.5 C97%14 kmh swSW110.6 mm1013.7 hPasteady11:14:36
Netherlands LemmerMetar EHAM: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy9.1 C-34.1 C3%3 kmh wswWSW33.2 mm1009.0 hPasteady11:15:21
Netherlands Leudalpartly cloudypartly cloudy11.0 C10.7 C98%10 kmh sswSSW162.0 mm1011.9 hPasteady11:15:19
Netherlands Lossercloudycloudy11.6 C11.0 C96%4 kmh sswSSW63.4 mm1010.4 hPasteady11:14:29
Netherlands Maarn Offline
Netherlands Medemblikovercastovercast11.3 C10.6 C95%2 kmh nN03.2 mm1008.0 hPasteady11:15:16
Netherlands Monster Offline
Netherlands Nieuw-VennepMetar EHAM: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy12.6 C11.2 C91%15 kmh wW331.3 mm1008.4 hPasteady11:10:00
Netherlands Nieuw-lekkerland Offline
Netherlands Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel Offline
Netherlands Nijbroek-11.6 C10.7 C94%5 kmh swSW112.2 mm1009.5 hPasteady11:10:00
Netherlands NoordbergumMetar EHLW: Drizzle Drizzle10.6 C10.3 C98%6 kmh swSW120.6 mm1007.5 hPasteady11:15:24
Netherlands Noordenpartly cloudypartly cloudy12.2 C11.7 C97%10 kmh wW141.0 mm1010.4 hPasteady11:14:37
Netherlands Nunspeet Offline
Netherlands Oirschot-12.5 C12.5 C100%4 kmh wW83.8 mm1011.3 hPasteady11:15:27
Netherlands Oosterhout-11.8 C7.7 C76%9 kmh wswWSW92.3 mm1010.9 hPasteady11:14:53
Netherlands Oosterzee Offline
Netherlands OudkarspelMetar EHAM: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy11.7 C10.8 C94%1 kmh eE82.8 mm1008.7 hPasteady11:15:28
Netherlands Poeldijk Offline
Netherlands PurmerendMetar EHAM: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy12.2 C11.7 C97%8 kmh wswWSW192.2 mm1008.9 hPasteady11:15:28
Netherlands Rodencloudycloudy10.6 C10.3 C98%2 kmh wswWSW00.6 mm1009.1 hPasteady11:15:22
Netherlands Rotterdam Offline
Netherlands Ruinensunnysunny5.2 C3.8 C91%6 kmh wswWSW100.0 mm1019.1 hPafalling rapidly11:15:28
Netherlands Sappemeer Offline
Netherlands Sauwerdovercastovercast10.7 C10.1 C96%7 kmh wswWSW60.8 mm1008.4 hPasteady11:14:38
Netherlands Scheulder-Margratenovercastovercast9.4 C9.1 C98%23 kmh wswWSW161.2 mm1014.0 hPasteady11:15:21
Netherlands SchinnenMetar EHBK: Overcast Overcast10.6 C10.3 C98%3 kmh sseSSE1.2 mm1012.3 hPasteady11:10:35
Netherlands SchoonebeekRain2Rain211.3 C11.0 C98%5 kmh wswWSW61.2 mm1008.9 hPasteady11:15:33
Netherlands Sleen Offline
Netherlands StreefkerkMetar EHRD: Mist Mist11.4 C11.1 C98%11 kmh nwNW271.6 mm1011.0 hPasteady11:15:32
Netherlands StrijenMetar EHRD: Mist Mist11.2 C0.0 C97%13 kmh nN00.0 mm0.0 hPasteady11:14:58
Netherlands Tilburg-Reeshof-12.0 C11.4 C96%6 kmh wnwWNW92.3 mm1011.0 hPasteady10:54:36
Netherlands Uithoorn-MeerwijkMetar EHAM: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy11.8 C11.2 C96%1 kmh wswWSW51.6 mm1010.0 hPasteady11:15:32
Netherlands UrkShowers2Showers29.5 C8.9 C96%1 kmh wW04.0 mm1008.5 hPasteady11:14:38
Netherlands Veghel-12.1 C10.1 C88%14 kmh wswWSW4.2 mm1011.2 hPasteady11:15:18
Netherlands Venhuizencloudycloudy11.3 C10.8 C97%1 kmh wswWSW23.0 mm1006.6 hPasteady11:15:24
Netherlands VlaardingenMetar EHRD: Mist Mist11.7 C11.4 C98%11 kmh sswSSW181.2 mm1011.4 hPasteady11:15:33
Netherlands Vlist Offline
Netherlands Warten Offline
Netherlands Wijchen Offline
Netherlands Wijk bij Duurstedeovercastovercast12.1 C11.4 C96%5 kmh sswSSW50.8 mm1010.0 hPasteady11:14:41
Netherlands Woerdenpartly cloudypartly cloudy12.2 C11.5 C96%19 kmh wswWSW161.2 mm1009.7 hPasteady11:15:34
Netherlands Zaandampartly cloudypartly cloudy12.2 C11.8 C97%5 kmh swSW41.6 mm1008.9 hPasteady11:15:29
Netherlands ZoetermeerMetar EHRD: Mist Mist12.3 C11.3 C94%14 kmh wswWSW181.4 mm1010.3 hPasteady11:15:36
Netherlands Zwolle Offline

Member stations of the Benelux Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the Benelux Weather Network.

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